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Soundwhale Remote Collaboration Software Launches

Minneapolis, MN (October 15, 2019)—Soundwhale has officially launched its remote audio collaboration software, offering synchronous communication and recording with video sync, following previews at IBC, SXSW and the NAB Show earlier this year.

While intended for sound for picture and music production, Soundwhale is geared toward use by consumers as well, even those with little studio or audio experience. Users can turn their favorite device into a way to write songs, give mix feedback, record voice overs, give lessons, create podcasts, and more.

Characterized by the company as “a production environment that allows you and your contacts to listen, record, and communicate,” Soundwhale is available for desktop (macOS) and mobile (iOS). Audio pros can connect and stream from DAWs like Pro Tools, as well as remotely control MIDI-powered instruments.

The software is the brainchild of Ameen Abdulla, a longtime sound designer, engineer and owner of Mothlab, a Minneapolis-based audio post production studio. “Soundwhale grew out of a deep frustration with remote collaboration tools for audio,” he says. “I needed things to work with and for clients, and nothing did.” So Abdulla built the tools himself, and now sees it as a tool for remote Post-production mix reviews, to name one use.